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Sell With Us

Our store works by bringing together great products, all in one place.


It’s so easy to get started, start selling your products quickly and easily!




One of the easiest and cost effective ways to start selling your products direct to customers online. There are no set up fees, no long term contracts, and you can cancel anytime. All we charge is a straight 10% +VAT commission any sales. There is an additional charge of 2.5% for card processing on each transaction.



How do I Manage my Shop?

We give you a secure account so you can manage your Shop directly. You can set your products, upload product images, set prices, descriptions, ingredients, recipes, track orders, view sales reports and more!

How do I Package my Products?

It is your responsibility to ensure products are suitable protected so they arrive in perfect condition. You should use suitable packaging and padding materials to ensure safe transit.

Who Pays for Shipping?

Customers pay for shipping when they place their order*. You arrange delivery to your customer using your preferred postal or courier service. We deposit shipping fees to your bank account along with the sale payment. (*Excludes Free Delivery offers.)

How do Free Delivery Offers work?

With Free Delivery, you offer to Customers to get Free Delivery when they place a minimum order value.

How do I Ship Perishable Foods?

If your foods are very perishable (cheese, fresh meat, etc) you will need to use an additional insulated inner box and a cooling pack to maintain a lower temperature. Perishable foods should always travel by overnight courier.

Can I Link my Website to my shop on Seasoned by Chefs?

Yes. You can, just copy this piece of code to link your site to Seasoned by Chefs.


Apply for your shop on Seasoned by Chefs.

To submit your produce or products to Seasoned by Chefs for consideration, please complete the information below and click submit. We review product submissions weekly and will contact you if we have any questions or to request a sample.

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